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Based in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya, we are a team of international and local professionals sharing our expertise within Africa, Europe and North America.

Together we strive to create positive and thriving workplace environments which enable bottom lines. We navigate change with you.

Our approach is simple, we empathise, empower, and impact.

Like Simon Sinek says “Happy People, make Happy Numbers.”


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Our Services

Whether you’re navigating change or seeking growth, aiming to enhance efficiency, or to foster a healthier work environment, we offer tailored solutions just for you.

People & Culture

Fostering Efficiency in a Healthy Work Environment, Aligned with Your Common Direction.

Culture Change | Workplace Transformation

Guiding You Through Organizational Change: Ensuring Smooth Transition, High Adoption, and Reduced Resistance to the New State.

M&A Integration | Leadership Change | Scaling | Downsizing

Training & Coaching

Empowering Teams with Strategic Upskilling: Ensuring Lasting Changes in Mindset and Behaviours.

Group Training | Individual Coaching | Soft & Hard Skills

Best Reasons To Choose Our Services

We have a people-centric solution for each of your challenges.

Did you know? A strong change strategy is vital for lasting impact. Emotional intelligence boosts performance and profits. Prioritizing people and culture drives M&A success.


More likely to fully meet your objectives with an excellent change strategy
Prosci – 2023


More profits when your workforce is highly engaged
Gallup – 2022


Of job performance increase is influenced by Emotional Intelligence
Soocial – 2023


Of C-Suites say focusing on people, culture change boosts M&A success
Accenture – 2021

How can we help?

Empactive Solutions offers expert advisory, practical implementation and we use dynamic trainings as tools to empower your organization and drive change.

Our approach simplifies complex changes, improves workplace culture, and strengthens team capabilities for lasting success.

We are in the business of Change

Therefore, we are in the business of people.

You may still sense obstacles blocking your growth, whether it’s the ongoing search for solutions or time constraints preventing you from addressing them.

We are here to help. We assess your business to uncover critical issues impacting your success and hindering growth.

We provide people-centric customised solutions.
Below, find some of are our programs outcomes.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Streamlined Processes and Increased Efficiency

Informed Decision-Making and Proactive Strategies

Facilitated Growth and Increased Sales

Cultivated Innovation and Resilience

Strengthened Risk Management Practices and Accountability

Our Partners

We pride ourselves in creating strategic partnerships. Success is a shared journey.

Latest Works

Explore our recent projects and see how we deliver innovative, people-centric solutions with exceptional results.

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Master change to elevate your organization and Embark on a transformative journey with us.