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Pernod Ricard | Restructuring & Resilience

Pernod Ricard | Restructuring & Resilience


Facing a downsizing period, Pernod Ricard took extraordinary steps to support its employees during this difficult transition. Understanding the complexities associated with such changes, Empactive Solutions implemented a comprehensive change management strategy aimed at ensuring departing employees felt valued and respected. This approach not only facilitated a sense of empowerment among those leaving but also contributed to maintaining the company's reputation by prioritizing ethical and compassionate practices.


To achieve this, we launched a comprehensive program consisting of five phases of individual coaching alongside three group workshops. This initiative was conducted from November 1st , 2023 to January 31st , 2024 dedicating the month of February to address any remaining inquiries from the employees and accommodate those who had not been able to participate fully in the earlier stages.

Individual Coachings

Phase 1

Career Coaching & Development

Tailored coaching to uncover strengths, set career goals, and recommend skill-enhancement resources.

Phase 2

Resume & Cover Letter Enhancement

Resume and cover letter revamping for industry alignment and job-specific customization.

Phase 3

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Optimizing LinkedIn profiles to increase visibility to employers and networks.

Phase 4

Interview Skills Enhancement

Mock interviews, feedback, and tactics for effective communication and confidence in interviews.

Phase 5

Continuous Support

Ongoing assistance for queries and further guidance during the transition and afterwards.

Group Workshops

Our workshops, developed in response to recent organizational changes, aimed to enhance resilience and emotional support, fostering unity and understanding among participants. We emphasized collective navigation through challenges, celebrated progress with events after the last two workshops, and concluded with a final celebration at Cuban Code.

Resilience Building Workshop
Foundations for Employee Strength

This kick-off event focuses on equipping employees with the skills to adapt and thrive amidst change, laying the groundwork for resilience.

Emotional Intelligence & Support Circle Workshop

A session dedicated to enhancing emotional intelligence, fostering empathy, manage stress, and creating a supportive community among peers.

Strategic Job Search & LinkedIn Mastery Workshop

An overview focused on empowering participants with job search strategies like Elevator Pitch and optimizing LinkedIn profiles for professional networking and opportunities.


Our goal was to provide Pernod Ricard's exiting employees with extensive emotional support. Our coaches tailored career planning and coaching to everyone, promoting confidence in their next roles. The positive feedback received affirms our method's impact. Let's review this data.


29 employees entered the program, 2 left early.


9 employees found a job at the end of the program


15 employees found a job by end of March 2024


After each group training or individual session, we requested participants to complete a form to assess both our performance and our trainers', receiving 80 responses throughout the program.

Gathering feedback was notably more straightforward from group trainings than from individual sessions. One key takeaway was the importance of coaches encouraging participants to fill out the feedback form in their presence, given it only took an average of 2 minutes and 18 seconds to complete.

Now, let's dive into some overarching feedback, focusing on stress levels, learning outcomes, and participants' general impressions of the program.

Stress level

Monitoring participants' stress levels was a priority for us, especially considering the challenges associated with being laid off.

We observed a peak in stress levels in December, coinciding with the layoffs, followed by a decline in January as the program progressed.

This trend suggests our program played a positive role in reducing participants' stress.

New Learnings

The feedback shows that 96% of participants reported learning new things, demonstrating the program's effectiveness.

However, those who felt they hadn't learned anything were mostly in group sessions, where the broad content designed for a wide audience might not address every individual's unique needs, unlike personalized individual sessions.

Overall Feedback

The evaluation was conducted on a scale from 1 to 5. Throughout all the sessions and among the three coaches, the feedback was predominantly positive.

The one-on-one coaching sessions, led by Wambui and Grace, met slightly higher expectations, and significantly boosted the participants' confidence compared to the group training sessions.

The program received a recommendation score of 4.7 out of 5, indicating there is still some room for enhancement. The sole constructive feedback received were around Dim Projector and the preference for scheduling group training sessions earlier in the day. Despite the lack of extensive constructive feedback, the overall sentiment suggests that the coaching program was a success, featuring engaged trainers and participants who were largely satisfied, with an average rating exceeding 4.6 out of 5.

Lessons learned

Agility and Personalization

Our program's dynamic approach enabled the crafting of truly customized experiences for each participant.

Emotional Support

This care in addressing the emotional needs of those affected by layoffs affirmed the necessity of such support during corporate restructuring.

Program Refinement

While successful, there is room to enhance feedback collection mechanisms, especially after individual coaching sessions.

Effective Sessions

Interactive elements like the kindness challenge and the elevator pitch resonated well, underscoring the importance of engaging, hands-on activities.

Content Depth

It's crucial to ensure that training materials are comprehensive and relevant for all attendees.

Logistical Impact

Simple factors like projector quality can significantly influence the effectiveness of a session, highlighting the importance of logistical details.

Program Additions

The inclusion of professional LinkedIn photos proved to be a valuable component that should be maintained.

Community Building

The various celebrations were key in fostering community, reducing feelings of isolation, and facilitating deeper conversations between participants and coaches.