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African Original | Culture Change

African Original | Culture Change


Our collaboration with African Original began with a straightforward goal: to align their corporate culture with strategic growth objectives for change implementation in 2024. The journey started with a diagnostic assessment to understand their current cultural landscape and future aspirations.

The core of our work involved a series of workshops and a structured four-month training program for the C-suite team. This immersive experience was designed to embed the organization’s values deeply into its operations and leadership strategies, equipping the team with the tools for sustainable culture change.

At the end of the program, African Original was on a clear path toward implementing their envisioned cultural transformation. The leadership team was better prepared, with actionable plans in place to guide the organization towards its strategic objectives, reflecting a successful collaboration focused on practical outcomes and strategic growth.


At Empactive Solutions, we partnered with African Original to craft a mission-led culture that mirrors the vibrant spirit of the organization. Our goal was to give the leadership the skills to launch their culture change for transformative growth by 2024. The culture change was framed to embed their core values into the fabric of their organization.

Services Provided


Performed a Mini Diagnostic to assess the organization's current standing and future direction.


Hosted an introductory workshop that built trust and set the organization's ambitions through dynamic, interactive activities.


Delivered a detailed 5-day training program over four months for the C-suite team of four, preparing them for the culture change strategy and management plan's implementation phase.


Created customized action plans alongside the leadership team, embedding their 'North Star' —the company's future vision— into the existing culture.

Challenges Overcome

The initial challenge was aligning expectations and understanding the project's scope. Communication gaps arose when only the CEO responded to emails, leaving the rest of the leadership team out of the loop. We addressed this by ensuring clear alignment and communication at the end of each session.

A significant focus was on translating training into enduring action. The intervals between workshops were designed for the leadership team to apply their learnings, and their proactiveness greatly accelerated our progress.

Crafting a cohesive vision among diverse C-suite members and translating it to their staff proved complex. We employed a more inclusive strategy by conducting surveys for staff input and involving them in the action plans from an early stage, fostering broader alignment with strategic goals.

While we typically guide the implementation phase, in this case, the client opted to take the lead on initiating changes.

Results Achieved

The C-suite team fully adopted a mission-led strategy, aligning their actions and decisions with the company's core values.

Enhanced team cohesion was evident, with feedback surveys showing significant improvement in team dynamics and collaboration.

Equipped with a practical change management approach, the leadership team is now ready to implement their new mission-led culture effectively

The effectiveness of these strategies will be continually assessed through ongoing monitoring of their implementation.

The program's success was significantly driven by the leadership team's dedication to personally oversee its implementation for growth. Unlike many instances where priorities may shift, African Original distinguished themselves by prioritizing their culture, showing exceptional commitment to cultivating a mission-led environment. This focused approach has been key to the initiative's success, laying the groundwork for continued transformation and growth.

Incorporating Client Feedback

The Good Vibes

Great provocation and emphasis on action
Interactive, great story telling, I have a changed perspective on building a mission led culture
The structure and level of engagement was amazing
It was an amazing experience

The constructive feedback

Client's feedback

Client’s Feedback

  • Continue to emphasize on clear actions
  • Remember to check for understanding of expectations ahead of sessions
Action Taken

Action Taken

Set clear expectations and ensure alignment before each session and throughout the program

Client's Feedback

Client’s Feedback

Spend more time on building the final initiatives and working with the champions

Action Taken

Action Taken

  • Focus on the champions’ work
  • Shorten leadership involvement toward the end - without jeopardizing project success
Client’s Feedback

Client’s Feedback

Recap progress periodically and circle back to the lessons learnt

Action Taken

Action Taken

Constant progress evaluation and lessons learnt as agenda item of each session

Client’s Feedback

Client’s Feedback

Time was a bit limited, and we were a bit rushed

Action Taken

Action Taken

Hard stop before the end of each session to focus on next steps


The initiative has set the stage for African Original's leadership to steer their culture change, with our training recognized for its practical focus and engaging format.

We've adapted our approach based on client feedback, underscoring our commitment to responsive and effective service. As the company moves forward, Empactive Solutions stands ready to support their journey toward a mission-led future. Contact us to explore how we can enhance your organizational culture.