"When there is a Will, there is a way."

Caroline Englund

MaNAGING Director

We inspire your people and drive your business forward

Empactive solutions: your partners for change, people (culture) and workplace transformation.

We bridge your Strategy and your Corporate culture by creating people-focused customized solutions. Our aim is to facilitate positive structured changes to drive your business forward.

What Services We Offer

Empactive Solutions offers expert advisory, practical implementation, using dynamic training as tools to strengthen your organization. Our approach simplifies complex changes, enhances workplace culture, and builds team capabilities for lasting success.

People & Culture

Fostering Efficiency in a Healthy Work Environment, Aligned with Your Common Direction.

Culture Change | Workplace Transformation

Guiding You Through Organizational Change : Ensuring Smooth Transition, High Adoption, and Reduced Resistance to the New State.

M&A Integration | Leadership Change | Scaling | Downsizing

Trainings & Coaching

Empowering Teams with Strategic Upskilling: Ensuring Lasting Changes in Mindset and Behaviours.

Group Training | Individual Coaching | Soft & Hard Skills

Why collaborating with us?

Our aim is to facilitate positive structured changes to drive your business forward.

You may sense obstacles blocking your growth, perhaps due to still seeking the solution or lacking time to address it.

You might not be fully aware of the severity of some issues affecting your business.

We are here to help. We assess your business to uncover critical issues impacting your success and hindering growth.

Our Methodology

We are in the business of Change. Therefore, we are in the People Business.

We Inspire Your People and Drive Your Business

We offer People-Centric Customized Solutions.
Navigate the pathway to progress with our three-step Methodology.


We build trust, listen, and empathize with you and your team to deeply understand your challenges.


We steer change, streamline decision-making, and assist in implementing practical solutions.


We Make Change Happen; Driving Tangible Impact and Sustainable Profitability.

3 Steps

  • Diagnostic
  • Solutions
  • Impact

How can we help?
Advisory VS Implementation

At Empactive, we understand that each organization has unique needs. That's why we offer our services in two distinct approaches: Advisory and Implementation.

Advisory Approach

As strategists, we provide expert guidance, identify the gaps between your operations and objectives, and deliver customized recommendations. Our advisory approach focuses on defining the 'what' and 'why'—clarifying the necessary changes and their importance for your organization's growth.

Implementation Approach

In this hands-on approach, we're involved in the direct execution of strategies. We manage the 'how'—putting plans into action, optimizing operations, and facilitating workshops and trainings to ensure enduring success. We're the team that transforms strategic visions into tangible outcomes.

Whether you need a thought partner to guide your strategy or an active participant to make it happen, our services are flexible to support you every step of the way.

The cherry on the cake : the importance of Data

Most companies know that data are a strategic asset, and want to utilize them, but often it just too complicated. The use of data is what will allow you to follow up on your strategic plan.

Collaboratively, we will ensure that you have enough data to be able to set and reach targets as well as adapt your plan as it unfolds.

Latest Works

Explore our recent projects and see how we deliver innovative, people-centric solutions with exceptional results.

African Originals Day 1

African Original | Culture Change

Our collaboration with African Original began with a straightforward goal: to align their corporate culture with strategic growth objectives for change implementation in 2024...

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